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Attention Ladies!

Ya know the OPI nail polish they use on your fingers and toes at the nail salon?  The ones that sell for $8.50 a bottle?  MAKE SURE you check out our new site!


Nail Polish Diva


"Don't worry guys. . . we have plenty of cool gadgets for you on our other sites."

The owner, Misty Gray-Kluck, started out as a single mother without support.  She was unable to support her child on the regular 9 to 5 job, especially without a college education.  In 1995 she started Do Right Services which specialized in contract work involving computer spreadsheets, web sites and more.  She would spend hours at night with the "Dummy" books teaching herself how to navigate and use computer programs.

Since 1998 Do Right Services has evolved into producing web sites, buying products directly from the manufacturer and selling products directly to you, the consumer.  Our business has allowed us to give the consumer quality products at economical prices.  We know how it is when you go to the store to buy a bottle of great nail polish for $8.50 . . . we offer them for less $$$!  Every little bit helps, right?!

Kala Rose & Misty Gray-Kluck (owner)



Meet Misty's Daughter . . .  Kala Rose

She's the reason Misty worked so hard.
And as you see above, she's almost grown!

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