500mg Organic CBD Oil

Organic CBD Oil

500mg Organic CBD Oil 

Our full spectrum 500mg Organic CBD Oil is the CBD Oil we recommend for people that are just starting to take CBD Oil. It works well for adults with minor issues like headaches and minor muscle aches. This is also the CBD oil we recommend for children. Most adults and children do great with the 500 mg and will never need to up to the 750 mg. Try the 500 mg first and see how it works for you.

Our CBD oils contain small trace amounts (legal amounts) of THC to help our customers achieve the “Entourage Effect”. We also have a THC FREE version of the oils for those of you that are subject to regular drug screenings.

HempWorx CBD 500 mg (mint or natural flavor):  Contains 10 mg CBD in every 20 drops, or .5 mg per drop

500mg organic CBD Oil
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