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Designing a website is not just about the look and function.  The content and coding are just as important for a website’s effectiveness.  My specialty is making sure your website is found by your preferred clients, keeps their interest and generates leads. My clients have seen a considerable increase in website traffic and clients.

“Your business website can be one of your biggest assets
and produce more clients than a paid television commercial.”

Affordable Website Design


Being a business owner, I understand that your time is valuable and limited.  I take a limited number of clients, making sure that projects are completed quickly.

Once your website design project is completed, you will have an attractive, modern website that will give your potential customers a professional first impression.  The average time a potential customer spends on a website is 10-20 seconds before moving on.  Making a professional first impression within that 10-20 seconds is imperative.  That’s why website design is so important and should be left to those of those with experience.

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Common Questions

My flat rate for an informational website is $500.00.  This includes a professional home page, contact page, about us page and three additional pages of your choice.  There is a $25.00 server fee per month there after.

My turn around time is typically 5 – 10 business days.  Turn around time depends on the size of the business website.

It depends on the type of update.  If it is something that would take a minute, I make the change for you at no charge.  If it is adding additional services / website pages, I will charge $50+ per page.

SURE!!!  One of my biggest pet peeves is when a website designer hands over a website and then demands you contact them for any and all changes.  I feel like this puts you into a corner.  Again, being a business owner, your time is valuable and limited.  If asked, I will teach you how to make changes to your website.  I design websites that give my customers the ability to make updates if they choose to do so.

You don’t.  That is included when I design your website.  SEO (search engine optimization) will be discussed when we talk about your preferred clients that you wish to target.  Website design is not just about making it look professional, it’s about making your website work for your business.

Absolutely.  The two types of social media marketing are paid and organic social media marketing.  I can help you with both.  Many companies waste a huge amount of money generating traffic without the revenue through paid social media marketing.  You would be better off opening a car window and throwing the cash out while driving down the highway.

Ask me about my social media marketing program. 

You can either call me at (734) 780-6795 or email me at misty@mistykluck.com.  I will then set up a time to meet in person.  We will come up with a website designing game plan together.

My resume is quite extensive.  I have owned an eCommerce business for over 20 years.  During that time, I have also developed large databases, power point presentations, newsletters and flyers.  I am proficient in all Microsoft programs including Publisher, Word and Excel.

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